Wayfinding is Not …

Wayfinding is Not Signage

User-Centered Design for VoiceXML Applications

WebTechniques: Whipping Users into Shape

New virus spreads using Acrobat files. This is a bit misleading since it requires the presence of both Acrobat and Outlook for the virus to spread. Acrobat is just the delivery mechanism. Outlook is the propagation mechanism for this vvirus. Stop using Outlook and the virus is negated. And a new acronym is born: Just Another Outlook Virus (JAOV).

Winterspeak: The Joy of Plaintext. “The real reason Microsoft hates plaintext is because it makes lock-in impossible.”

Tim O’Reilly: Open Source Needs Leadership?

Emerging Technologies links:

From 1996: Securing Communications on the Intranet and Over the Internet

Knowledge Networking. “The Knowledge Networking (KN) initiative focuses on the integration of knowledge from different sources and domains
across space and time. Modern computing and communications systems provide the infrastructure to send bits
anywhere, anytime in mass quantities-radical connectivity.”

Team Knowledge Management: A Computer-Mediated Approach

Modeling Work: Workflow and Task Modeling (PDF)

Wisdom – A UML based architecture for interactive systems (PDF)

A Software Development Process for Small Projects (PDF)

I love irony.

OnJava: Java and XML Web Services, Part I

Books: On the plane trip back from Seattle, I finished reading Angry Young Spaceman by Jim Munroe. I highly recommend it. I also started reading:

Next up:

Yes, I normally read four or five books at a time.

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