The Art of …

The Art of Information Architecture

The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of The National Academies is doing a plannning meeting on Open Source Software Development.

NY Times: Time of Growing Pains for Information Age

Craig Burton (former SVP of Novell) has some excellent things to say about the Microsoft vs. Open Source debate.

More Microsoft double-speak: “They can load any third-party software with no problem at all. If anything, we’re fighting for user choice and pushing hard for that.” Oh really? Interview with Brian Behlendorf. “We are trying to build a process. You’ve heard of extreme programming, you’ve heard of other methodologies. Open Source development shares a lot of traits with extreme programming but has differences as well. So, we’ve been focusing on distilling that down to a science, to where we can train other companies on it and have sessions with engineers from those
companies where we teach them how to put aside the ego from time to time and share code.”

David Reed: The End of the End-to-End Argument. Pay special attention to the paragraph at the end about collaborative creative spaces. [via Winterspeak]

Sniff? sniff? What’s that I smell? Corruption? Impeachment?

Some excellent reading material:

The Disgruntled Ex- Burger King Employees Manifesto. Man, I love the Web.

InternetWeek: Content Management: Integrate To Dominate

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 7, 2001 04:19 PM