Back in New York …

Back in New York after a very relaxing week in Seattle.

A couple different readers sent in notes pointing out that Medscape has been covering medical conferences in realtime for several years now. Very cool.

WebWord: Greymatter, RSS, and Syndication

Risks of the Passport Single Signon Protocol

IBM research: Knowledge Socialization Project. Includes a white paper called “Fostering the Collaborative Creation of Knowledge.

The Institute for Knowledge Management is a global consortium of member organizations committed to understanding and developing tangible business value from knowledge management.

Anyone know if the Digital Storytelling Festival will be held this year? Last year’s was cancelled.

Cringely thinks Microsoft wants to fork TCP/IP to create a more “secure” version of it that is Microsoft-only. This is classic “embrace and extend” Microsoft behavior. If Microsoft does this on purpose, to make TCP/IP an untrustworthy protocol, then we can surely expect the Internet to fracture, leaving us with a Microsoft Internet, an “open” Internet, and possibly an AOL Internet, all of which have limited (or no) interoperability. Sigh…

Last night in Bellevue, I went to a TV Preview event with my old friend Matt Simerson and his girlfriend. It was an interesting experience. In exchange for answering a lot of marketing questions, you get to preview two of the TV shows being considered for the Fall season. I knew I was just being treated as a number (and I loved the fact that I was a guy from Brooklyn participating in an event intended for Seattle. Heh, mess with their statistics!) but I didn’t care much. The first show was something called “Soulmates” which was about a woman who keeps running into people who she’s met in a past life. The show was incredibly bad and simply not believable. I highly doubt we’ll see it on TV this fall. The second show was a sit-com called “City” starring Valerie Harper. The writing was funny and the characters seemed to be fairly well developed. Harper plays a city manager (I think it was Chicago) who lives with her college-age daughter. The show itself is somewhat of a rip-off of “Spin City” but has a different tone.

My presentation slides from Web Design World are now up. I presented a session called “CMS Workflow and Collaboration” that I am not entirely happy with. Oh well…

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