Note: I’m off to …

Note: I’m off to Seattle for a week for a much needed pseudo-vacation, where I’ll be attending and speaking at a conference. I’ll try to keep the updates steady, but no promises.

I use Google almost religiously these days. Very rarely does it fail to find me the information I need. So, last night I was thinking about having some “I love Google” t-shirts made, and immediately followed up that thought with a search in Google. Of course, someone has already done it.

Today’s inbox: 4323 messages. Maybe it’s time I finally downloaded my email… (I read and respond to my email with Pine, but manage it with Microsoft Entourage.) I keep looking at procmail, and I prefer a server-side solution for managing my email, but because I’m limited in disk space at my hosting provider, I’d quickly run out. So, the next solution is to run my own mail server and point the DNS of one of my domains to it and then filter all of my email to it. But I’m reluctant to do this because my DSL may not always be up, thus preventing me from getting to my mail (and mail archives). Sigh…

Flak Magazine: An Open Letter to John McCain

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 29, 2001 12:33 PM

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