Microsoft Research: Collaboration and …

Microsoft Research: Collaboration and Multimedia Systems Group

USA Today: Anthropologists adapt technology to world’s cultures. “She and two colleagues were doing fieldwork for their employer, Motorola, investigating how the company could best enter the
emerging markets of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. They found that people in the Caspian Sea area have learned to read the numbers on bar codes to see where products were manufactured. The buyers believe that products from American companies are better if they were built in America.”

White Paper: Design for what? Six Dimensions of Activity (PDF)

Understanding Interactivity: Steps to a Phenomenology of Human-Computer Interaction, by Dag Svanaes. (4MB PDF). This is a 294-page book that is definitely on my list of things to read next, perhaps on the plane…

Authentication architecture links:

Adam Fields sent me this link: Zero Knowledge Protocols and Small Systems

TechWeb: Can Sharing User Data Speed E-Commerce?

Flying [dead] cows! [via Boing Boing]

Usability Issues in Agent Applications: What Should the Designer be Aware of

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