The Duke of URL …

The Duke of URL reviews Yellow Dog Linux 2.0

IBM DeveloperWorld: Transitioning from Windows to Linux [via dangerousmeta]

How to keep bad robots, spiders and web crawlers away. This is excellent info. I’m constantly fighting bad mis-behaving robots and spambots that repeatedly hit CamWorld. [via Q Daily News]

Dan Gillmor: Diverse open-source advocates face common threats

At work, we are building a new intranet that we’d like to be more heavily used by our developers and application engineers. One of the things we want to do is display recent IRC chat logs in a web-based interface, preferably in a data chunk that gets parsed into the intranet home page template and department group home page templates. DiaWeblog sounds like what we need. Also see the Daily Chump Bot.

The Better Template Engine is another templating system written in Java (servlets).

Easy-to-read article about Apache vs. IIS Web servers, and points to Apache’s minimalist design as credit for its excellent security record.

I just finished reading Stephen King’s latest book “Dreamcatcher.” It was typical King but was still a pretty good story. In the colophon he mentions he wrote the entire thing in longhand, all 600+ pages. Wow. I’m now reading an advance copy of “Angry Young Spaceman” by Jim Munroe, who used to work as the managing editor of Adbusters.

Nice timing! I just realized that Fray Day 5 is September 8, which also happens to be the last day of the Web2001 Conference in San Francisco. And since I will be in San Francisco that week to speak at the conference, I’ll be able to attend Fray Day. Excellent…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 25, 2001 04:53 PM