Usability News: A Comparison …

Usability News: A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which is Best and When? (Read the whole issue of Usability News)

Lars Markussen: Problems with new Hotmail Design

US senator seeks to block XP release. Hmmm, which senator? Senator Charles Schumer (NY)

AOL-Time Wanrer invests $100M in Amazon. While this looks like a pure marketing move (and a good one), what I’d really like to see is AOL and Amazon (and maybe Yahoo too) join forces to create an open user-authentication technology framework to compete with Microsoft’s Passport. I have a bunch of emails from earlier this year that outline something like this that I might re-purpose soon as an essay. Stay tuned. Update: Could “Magic Carpet” be this very thing? is a directory of resources for internationalization and localization. Awesome!

…all the computers in all the world contained a total of 200 terabytes of storage. This month — just six years later, the advent of commodity ($300)
100-gigabyte drives means that just 2,000 PCs could contain
the world’s storage of 1995. (There are about
ten exabytes of storage overall all at this point in time —
“half-a-millionfold growth in less than a decade.” IDC estimates that the data stored by companies is growing at 80% per year.

A fun conversation from today’s IRC server at work:

 msussman: say - anyone in the new york office hear a sonic boom 
           around 6PM last night?
 susankny: not me
 susankny: we were all in the office, too
           cam farted at about that time....
 susankny: oh. I saw that.
      cam: uh-oh, the aliens have finally come
           msussman wonders how cosmic cam's farts are...
shetech_h: cam: I'm an alien
      cam: i knew it
shetech_h: cam: Mother! I'm finally coming home!
 susankny: lol
 micki_sf: okay - i walk away from my desk for 10 minutes and I come back 
           to galactic flatulence
           cam is originally from Melmac
 susankny: I'm sure we couldn't have heard a sonic boom over all of the 
           noise in NYC
 micki_sf: marklar
      cam: Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam. nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'
shetech_h: mylar
 micki_sf: oh god he's speaking Klingon
      cam: hee!
 micki_sf: beam my ass outta here
 susankny: what?
 susankny: how did you guys know that?
shetech_h: we're nerds
 susankny: NERRRRDS!!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 24, 2001 10:10 PM