The New Methodology (of …

The New Methodology (of Software Development)

From 1992: What is Software Design?

AppleLinks: One Dead Opossum. Excellent essay on Microsoft’s latest strategy. [via Have Browser, Will Travel]

Steve Gibson: Microsoft Does Not Understand Security. What This Means About the Future of Denial of Service. And Microsoft’s response.

Steve Gibson: Why Windows XP will be the Denial of Service Exploitation Tool of Choice for Internet Hackers Everywhere

Eric Raymond: “The mere threat of being sued by a multibillion-dollar company is enough to scare the bejezus out of any entrepreneur or corporate legal department, and more than enough to exert a massive chilling effect on software-industry competition. How convenient for Microsoft!

Mini-rant: Why is it that people haven’t figured out how to do their own online research? I constantly get email from people asking me to help them research something I once pointed to or wrote about. I ignore most of these requests, but on a few occasions my curiosity got the better of me and I hit Google to see how easy it was to find the very information these people were looking for. And almost every time (with a few exceptions) I’ve been able to find it in under three minutes. Hello people, are you that clueless that you don’t know how to do a search query? Or are you just plain lazy? Update: Tara emailed me and said to “tell them to read Research Buzz.” Yeah!

I’m a monopoly. You’re a monopoly. Wouldn’t you like to be a monopoly too?

The Open Source Quality Project

The Federal Open Source Conference

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