Dan Gillmor: A revolutionary …

Dan Gillmor: A revolutionary pursuit: freedom from Microsoft

Network Solutions is blocking domain registration tranfers.

The best part of the movie is Teddy the Supertoy. Overall, I found A.I. Artificial Intelligence too disjointed to really like it a lot. It was pretty well-made, but I felt that the ending was a bit forced and contrived. It could have been a much better movie. Haley Joel Osment deserves an Oscar, though.

Cool, I didn’t know there were two sequels to the Brian Aldiss story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” which is the story A.I. is based on. I’ll have to go buy the book these are in.

Salon: One Big Happy Channel? Excellent article on the deregulation of the Telecommunications industry.

Interview with a content management heretic.

WebTechniques: Transcending Client/Server

MozillaZine: Towards Mozilla 1.0

Merging Technologies. Some reflections on the AOL-Time Warner merger. Microsoft-Philip Morris? Yahoo-Nabisco?

AOL-Time Warner Merger Proves that Microsoft is No Threat. Hmmm…

Left unchecked, cable firms will funnel Internet traffic to their own content√Ďand the Web won’t be worldly or wise.

OSOpinion: Alternative Payment Methods Get No Respect Online

Splinder: Some thoughts about Flurry. I really wih Guha would put his Flurry paper back up online…

Keller Schroeder & Associates: The Standards Shuffle

XMLMag: Microsoft’s David Stutz: Perspectives on Peer-to-Peer

Open Source vs. Proprietary Software

Tom Christiansen: Diversity Compliance in Web Design

From 1997: XML, Java, and the future of the Web

ZDNet: Open source code: A corporate building block

Tim O’Reilly in Salon in 1999: “Just how close did we come to a Net ruled by Microsoft? The “server wars” show a grim counterpart to the browser wars.

World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design

SecurityPortal: Protecting Information From Exposure (Part I)

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