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Software Methods and Tools. This is an amazing site. It has a ton of information, most of it written in a very straightforward manner. If you don’t know anything about software development or the various kinds of methods behind it, this site should at least give you a great introduction. [via Have Browser]

Kendall Clark: Three Myths of XML

Junkfilter is a procmail recipe that several people have said is very good at filtering out most spam. Here’s another one.

Excellent O’ReillyNet article about the new Apple retail stores. I think Apple is onto something here. People want information, they want to play with the computers, they want knowledgeable salespeople. They don’t want high-pressure sales tactics.

Here’s an interesting article that talks about using Freenet as “a platform for writing decentralized, anonymous, secure applications.

With all the talk lately of Microsoft’s Hailstorm and Passport technologies, it’s important to note that alternatives are forming. Ramanathan V. Guha, the guy who created RDF while at Netscape and then went on to create the Web of Trust feature at Epinions, is now working for a startup called Alpiri which is “building the core software for the Data/Services Web.” Their software will be called Flurry (possibly a code name). I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am patiently waiting to learn more. Hurry up guys!

Great article from one of my coworkers about how to prepare source code for collaborative development.

ContentBiz: Simone Paddock, O’Reilly Evangelist Program. [Thanks Luke]

NY Times: Tim O’Reilly on Open Source and Microsoft

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 15, 2001 09:06 PM