Bill Moyers’ amazing article …

Bill Moyers’ amazing article about Journalism and Democracy. This is worth reading — at least twice.

InfoWorld: What do so many software vendors have against a free-market economy?

I met Simone Paddock at the O’Reilly Open Source convention last summer and she told me then that if I knew of anyone who wanted to review new O’Reilly books that I should definitely let her know. She was looking for pre-qualified book reviewers, so-to-speak, and wanted to tap the minds of the industry leaders to find out who would make excellent advance copy reviewers. I forgot all about her request until the other day when I spotted a note at Genehack asking for O’Reilly to send him a advance copy of a new book on bioinformatics. Knowing John’s background, I was more than happy to pass his note along to Simone, who was more than happy to have John review the book. Cool.

In my communication with Simone, she told me about a new program she is running called the O’Reilly Evangelist Program. This is basically an online community that is invitation-only, made up of people who truly love O’Reilly books. Simone asked me to become an O’Reilly Evangelist and I agreed. I can refer other people to the program, but note that I’m pretty picky about who I refer, so your email to me should have a well-balanced set of reasons why you want to join and why I should refer you.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 27, 2001 06:47 PM

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