Sorry about the sporadic …

Sorry about the sporadic updates. I’ve been sick with some nasty flu/virus thing for about a week. I did think up a cool idea for a phlegm spittoon, though. (hack hack, cough cough, spit – kaching!)

Yahoo Internet Life: Who Let the Blogs Out?

There’s an excellent thread on the Usage Centered Design (UCD) mailing list about UCD and XP (Extreme Programming).

A cool MPEG from NASA zooming into San Francisco from space.

From Interesting-People comes this article about courts allowing the police to arrest people for minor traffic offenses like not wearing your seatbelt. Here comes the police state! Great, now all we need is forced religion in our school systems and Bush can truly say that he changed America during his presidency.

Philip Greenspun: ArsDigita: From Start-Up to Bust-Up. This is an excellent read.

Jabber Profiles. Eric Murphy is proposing that using Jabber profiles can compete against Microsoft’s Passport/Hailstorm stuff. The differences are that Jabber’s profile data is decentralized (stored on your computer, you control it) and Microsoft’s profile data is centralized (stored on Microsoft’s computers, Microsoft controls it). Oh, and the Jabber solution is completely open-source and Microsoft’s solution is proprietary, closed, and likely very expensive.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 24, 2001 07:11 PM

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