Happy Birthday! Today, I …

Happy Birthday! Today, I turn 28 years old. For some reason, I actually do feel a year older this year. Please, no BlueMountain.com e-cards.

Whoever dreamed up this picture sure has a sick mind. It’s funny, though!

Meow! Die robot, die! Meow!

With all the dot-com people out of work, perhaps a few of them will apply for this job.

The story and history about why CSS1 is so badly broken in Netscape 4.x

CamWorld Story: Saving Lives. “I just read Jason’s Incredible Day story and was vividly reminded of something that happened to me when I was fifteen.”

Peter Drucker: Beyond the Information Revolution. Note this written in October of 1999.

TechInfoBase: The Criteria For Success

ZDNet: Bad Economy is Good for Open Source

WebTechniques has a good article from the guy who created the AmIHotorNot web site, discussing the technical details and problems of a high-traffic site.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 13, 2001 04:40 PM

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