The big news today …

The big news today is Borders and Amazon are expected to announce some kind of partnership. I’m not really surprised, though I expect this is purely a financial decision. Perhaps this will be good for both companies. It gives Amazon an excellent bricks and mortar store presence and it gives Borders a high quality and robust ecommerce system.

To give you some context, when I worked at the entire online group hovered around 100 people. This included the IT people, data integrity, online editors, writers, programmers, UI, IA, customer service, and various levels of management. Last year, I interviewed a woman who was working at and she told me their entire online group was over 1000 people. An amazing difference. Amazon’s team is of similar size or larger. The fact that is even operational at the same level as BN or Amazon with such a skeleton crew is an accomplishment they should be proud of.

Read this.

Yup, executives are morons. This proves it.

This book called “Trust in Cyberspace” from the Committee on Information Systems Trustworthiness looks pretty good.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 11, 2001 09:55 PM

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