Leonardr: “Here are pictures …

Leonardr: “Here are pictures I took yesterday. The first pictures are of my new boss, Steve Zwaska, showing Daniel Rall and myself the high-powered rocket parts he had in the back of his vehicle.” You gotta love the fact that CollabNet (my employer) hires some terrific geeks who really know their stuff.

What classification of weird are you? This article is weird!

LucDesk looks like an excellent weblog that’s tracking information design, web usability, and user experience links and articles. And it loads fast and is completely readable in legacy browsers. Imagine that!

ICEPick “is an Open Source peer to peer system designed to enable cross web site authentication and personalization services.”

Rael Dornfest at O’Reilly outlines MS Hailstorm.

New Search Technique. For some time now, I’ve been utilzing the search features at Metafilter and Memepool to dig up bizarre links that I can remember visiting at one point, but didn’t link to. Very useful, and sometimes beats Google.

Bob Frankston: The Prerogatives of Innovation

I’ve been playing around with a couple of Perl-based search scripts for this site, but haven’t found one that I liked. The flat-file database structure of my archives allows for simple parse functionality of most CGI scripts. Can someone recommend a good, fast, and stable Perl-based script that allows for templated search results?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 24, 2001 03:01 PM

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