How unfortunate. Seventeen year-old …

How unfortunate. Seventeen year-old Cameron Barrett of Los Angeles likes to masturbate and is a voyeur. He also goes by the nicknames “Fart” and “Hot Pants”.

Advogato: Best Practices for Open Source [thanks Blue Igloo]

The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project (or: How To Turn a $175,000 High-End SGI Challenge DM Server into a Fridge) [via]

And if you have an old VAX server lying around, you can turn it into a mini-bar…

Everyone thought that Verisign was a respectable company until they acquired Network Solutions, easily one of the worst offenders of securing data online (just look their pitiful handling of the DNS system and domain registration). Now it appears that Verisign has been tricked by somebody in handing out a couple of certificates in the name of Microsoft Corporation. While it’s good that this was caught, it certainly doesn’t do anything for me in regards of trusting Verisign. Instead, it just proves to me that Verisign is just like any other large company — all they care about is your money and your aggregate data.

ComputerWorld: Banking On Open-Source ASPs: Outsourcers help speed time to market for open-source software development

Zope: Building Zope and Python on Mac OS X

DumbLaws: In New York City “Women may go topless in public, providing it is not being used as a business.” Hey, that’s not a dumb law!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 22, 2001 10:52 PM

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