Shoot yourself in the …

Shoot yourself in the foot with various programming languages. Funny!

Have you used the McSweenifier yet?

Moola-moola: I am very happy. I won’t tell you how big my tax refund is this year, but I will say it’s quite large. Much thanks to one of my regular readers who referred me to his excellent CPA. You know who you are…

Readers in the DC area who are interested in CMS packages/solutions may want to attend this event called Evaluating Content Management Systems.

Cringely: Why Your Phone Company Hates DSL. I ordered my DSL over a year ago and still don’t have it. I’ve pretty much given up and have decided to move to Manhattan later this year. So much for getting DSL installed at my apartment in Brooklyn. What it basically boils down to is that if you want a quick DSL installation, you have to go through Verizon. All the DSL resellers, who get their lines from Verizon, have their hands tied simply because Verizon gives preference to their own DSL customers over the resellers — despite FCC regulatory laws and investigations.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 18, 2001 07:50 PM