Awesome! O’ReillyNet now has …

Awesome! O’ReillyNet now has a weblogs section. This will prove to be very useful for keeping up on all the excellent articles they produce and the articles/sites their writers use as resources.

My brother Damien has launched a new site called People don’t believe him when he tells them I built the entire site in about six hours on a Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you: It’s much much easier to build a new site from scratch when you don’t have any legacy data to deal with. The Great Transformer Evolution Debate, Part 1. Ha, that Leonard, he funny.

Nareau Project: Email is too hard, so lets junk it

Here’s a very long thread on ArsDigita’s boards that reveals that Philip Greenspun has left the company. It also has some good discussion about the direction ArsDigita is going. [via NoiseBetweenStations]

TechTV: Why the Apple Newton Failed

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 17, 2001 12:51 PM

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