For years now, people …

For years now, people have emailed me asking “Why don’t you have a webcam?” And for years I’ve ignored them simply because I didn’t give a flying hoot about webcams and refused to cave in and set one up. Recently, however, I set up a webcam at my office. It purposely doesn’t point towards my desk. So no, you’re not going to get a Camcam. Don’t bookmark this page, as it’s likely to change locations.

Not really sure why, but I hate webcams. Always have. But I see a good use of having webcams set up in each office of a multi-office company. It helps people in different offices understand the culture and layout of each office. There’s something good about being able to picture in your mind the layout of an office you’ve never been to. It seems to help you work better with coworkers you might never have met.

For a long time now, I’ve tried to balance my posts to this site, tailoring them for the kind of audience I know that I have. As it happens, when I post something that people might disagree with, I tend to get a lot of nasty email or spark discussions on other sites and forums. I constantly have to remind myself that this site reflects my opinion, my viewpoints, and my philosophy on things and that if people disagree with me, then that is acceptable. So, I’m going to continue to be the opinionated person I know that I am. I’m going to continue to post my thoughts, regardless of whether I realize that they may be controversial or not. In short, I am going to continue to be the person I have always been.

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Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 1, 2001 07:43 PM