Rant: I see this …

Rant: I see this all the time. Why do people think it’s OK to cross-post to multiple mailing lists? This is a really bad idea since many people tend to hit “reply all” without thinking, which results a crapload of work for the mailing list administrators. Realize that not everyone is subscribed to the same mailing lists as you and that when they try to reply to your post, it will bounce on every list they are not a member of. People who do this are either not thinking or have no freaking idea how email works. Hell, I’m now just auto-unsubscribing these people from the lists I manage. It’s just not worth the effort to try and train everyone on how to properly use their email clients and the lists they belong to.

Holiday weekends suck. I always screw up my sleep schedule watching late movies with the laptop on the couch. So when it comes to getting to sleep the night before you have to go back to work, you’re wide awake…

Zeldman’s most recent Glamorous Life column cleverly pokes fun at various web personalities and their favorite crusades.

Oh yeah. A beta of the Opera web browser for the Mac will be out on Thursday [via Zeldman.]

Last week, Mozilla 0.8 was released. I’m finding that I’m using more often than I used to for daily browsing. And it looks like they finally added scrollwheel support for the Mac. Cool.

One last point about the WaSP Browser Upgrade Initiative: Web designers need to stop thinking so much about the display of web pages and refocus their energies on the data contained in them. The data comes first in importance, and then comes the display and page layout.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 20, 2001 11:38 PM