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Sigh…Macromedia and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a Flash player for PDAs using WinCE (er, Pocket PC). This is just another example of Macromedia pushing a technology that perhaps isn’t the most appropriate for certain applications. I have a huge problem with designers who mis-use Flash, but I believe that Macromedia is mostly at fault for this for pushing Flash as a “web design” technology. Flash is an amazing technology that has many uses, but I get frustrated when Macromedia tries to extend it into markets where it possibly doesn’t belong. Flash definitely has a market somewhere, however web design isn’t one of them.

Why do some sites make changing personal data so complicated? For a long time now, I’ve been receiving a lot of spam to a special email account I set up for eBay transactions. To protect my own online privacy, I want to change my email account at eBay to a Yahoo Mail account. eBay, in its infinite wisdom has decided that all Yahoo Mail accounts are considered “Anonymous Email” and are forcing me to give them credit card information before they’ll process the change request. My question is this: why are they doing this if they already have my name and credit card information verified using the old email account? Maybe a better question is why is eBay allowing spammers to scrape email addresses from their user profile database?

Microsoft: “Who do you want to copy today?” The fact that this screenshot is in German only underscores the obvious similarities between Mac OS X and Windows XP.

It’s too bad Macromedia is requiring the use of Flash 5 for this site design contest. It’d be pretty fun to “design a site for usability” that didn’t use Flash at all and then enter it. Heh. Just had a thought: Design the site to use Flash for a silly skip-intro splash screen and build the rest of the site using standard HTML conventions. Hee.

Damn. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean the building’s managers should turn off the heat. My hands are freezing! Please see the NY Times article linked to on Friday for more crap about this building I work in. Damn.

Microsoft is attempting to cram the Pocket PC (ahem, WinCE) operating system into cell phones. While this is an intriguing idea, I’d like to remind readers that the technology is proprietary. Good luck getting your data in and out of the phone using non-Microsoft software and technologies.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 19, 2001 04:26 PM

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