Mathieu Lacage: Gnome’s Component …

Mathieu Lacage: Gnome’s Component Model. Mathieu is the guy writing the Bonobo book for O’Reilly.

BRL is a language designed for server-side WWW-based applications, particularly database applications.

LinuxPower: User interface consistency and Linux

The Web Site From Hell is a good example of some things you can avoid when doing page layout. Funny.

Danny Yee: Free Software as Appropriate Technology

Lane Becker on the Google acquisition of the Deja Usenet archives. There’s also a great anonymous letter from a “Deja Refugee” that talks about Google’s lack of forethought regarding the Deja archive.

I suppose another reason to continue to use Netscape 4.x is to avoid all the lame DHTML advertising that we’re starting to see. Not to mention all the really bad UI design done with DHTML. Just because you can cut and paste a chnunk of Javascript to do expandable menus doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice of navigation schema for your site.

Letter on Privacy of Domain Name Registration

Would you like fries with that?

This is funny.

Flipping channels this afternoon while I catch up on email, I stop at UPN. The voiceover says “‘To Kill a Sunrise,’ our afternoon movie.” I think to myself, I’ve never heard of that movie. Off to IMDb to look it up. No matches. Huh? So, I wait for the movie to start. Mel Gibson. Michelle Pfeiffer. Kurt Russell. Wow, big names. Why have I never heard of this movie? Then the title comes on-screen: “Tequila Sunrise.” Ah, I see. The announcers at UPN must be complete idiots.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 17, 2001 02:52 PM

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