Interview with Wilfredo … Interview with Wilfredo Sánchez, former lead developer, project Darwin (OS X)

The NY Times has an article today about the office bulding I work in. It’s a very negative article. I hope all the bad press spurs the building’s owners into improving some of the long-standing problems that are mentioned. And it is true that it can take up to a half hour to catch an elevator, but usually only when one of them is broken (which is often). Of course, I left work last night at 2:30 AM, so I didn’t have an elevator wait. I don’t expect it to solve all the silly union problems in the building, though. That’s like trying to deal with the Mafia.

Salon: Life, liberty and the pursuit of free software. Hee-hee.

Advogato: Thoughts on the world of GUIs

Craig Burton quotes:

“No wonder no one trusts Microsoft.”

“The reason Jim doesn’t like the open source movement is because it is doing the same thing to Microsoft that Microsoft does to other companies.”

“One of the effects of the open source movement and the success of Linux is the commoditization to some of Microsoft’s intellectual property: Windows.”

“The only threat the open source movement presents to Microsoft is that of keeping it honest in its dealings with the industry, its customers, its partners, and its competitors. What a concept.”

This pisses me off. I wonder if I can get back the $1000+ or so I’ve spent on domain registration in the past 5 years. I highly doubt it. Fuckers. Damn.

Doc Searls wrote a great article called “The Shrinking Subject.” A must-read.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 16, 2001 05:33 PM

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