NYTimes: HTML-Email Sucks Bad, …

NYTimes: HTML-Email Sucks Bad, Really It Sucks Bad, So Stop Using It Already. [Ed note: That’s not really the title of the story, though I think it’s better and gets the point across.]

I hope that when Microsoft does things like this that it drives even more users away from the platform by forcing them to choose easier alternatives. [via rc3.org]

CNet: Empire building, Mozilla style. I wrote a brief blurb about .NET and some other Web-based application platforms to a mailing list last month.

I see that Microsoft’s marketing is also following their golden rule of confusion. They recently announced that the upcoming versions of Windows and Office will be called Windows XP and Office XP. Everyone knows that the XP acronym has been used by developers for years to mean Cross-Platform. In fact, many of the technologies in Mozilla have used it for a long time: XPConnect, XPCOM, XPFE. But Microsoft, in it’s infinite wisdom, has decided that XP stands for ExPerience. Huh? Somehow I think Microsoft is making decisions like this solely to confuse. If you recall, Microsoft also did this with the acronym DNS (they claim Digital Nervous System).

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 5, 2001 01:56 PM

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