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BusinessWeek has a good article on the recent Microsoft vs. Crossgain incident. “Flessner said that Crossgain competed [with Microsoft] because its technology would allow users to exchange data over the Internet.” What? Hellooooo Microsoft, I use many non-Microsoft technologies to exchange data over the Internet. Are you going to sue me too? How lame. I see Microsoft hasn’t changed a bit since the antitrust trial.

Here’s what I think. Microsoft knows it’s way behind in developing an Internet-based application platform on which to run its upcoming Web-based services. And that Microsoft hoped that since Crossgain was a company with lots of ex-softies, they could simply let Crossgain build their tools and Microsoft could then acquire them. Problem solved. But, since Crossgain chose to instead build their tools/services using non-Microsoft technologies from Sun and Oracle, Microsoft saw that as a slap in the face and went in with lawyers to enforce a non-compete agreement signed by a number of the ex-Microsoft Crossgain employees.

An IBM executive thinks that Sun is finally admitting that a Linux strategy is probably best, since the recent Cobalt Cube (aquired by by Sun last September) products are still running Linux instead of Solaris.

OpenInteract is a Web application environment written in Perl and geared to run on the Apache web server using the mod_perl plugin module.

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Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 4, 2001 06:11 PM