The Apple Store emailed …

The Apple Store emailed me saying that my Powerbook G4 shipped from Taiwan today. Now I know how a dog feels when waiting for Little Billy to come home from school…

I’m told that as a signed O’Reilly author, I get free access to their new Safari service, which is a searchable online database of the entire O’Reilly book catalogue. For $9.95/month, anyone can have access to the complete text of up to five books. It’s the innovative and foward-thinking ideas like this that make O’Reilly such a great company. Bill Pena, the guy who designed (front-end) Safari for O’Reilly, emailed and said he’s been a long-time reader of CamWorld. Thanks Bill!

Excellent overview of the do’s and don’ts of CVS. [via Have Browser, Will Travel] I also just found out that CollabNet is now hosting and supporting, the official site for CVS. This makes sense, since Karl Fogel (of CVS fame) works for CollabNet, out of the Chicago office.

Had drinks and dinner last night with James Duncan Davidson, an open source manager at Sun, who worked on Tomcat (part of Apache’s Jakarta Project) and created Ant. He let me drool over his new Canon EOS D30 digital camera, which is their first digital single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera on the market.

OpenReference is a Servlet/JSP based database application to manage your or your group’s research references.” Yeah, kind of like a weblog.

Advogato: The Perfect User Interface


Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 3, 2001 11:48 PM

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