IBM invests more money …

IBM invests more money in Linux. I think corporate support for open source development is awesome.

This is interesting. Microsoft is building a “gated community” around their latest Windows release, which gives access to the source code to a select group of vendors and software companies. This is clearly something they learned from the open source movement.

I’m afraid of Ouchy The Clown. Hey, he does meetings.

Book Update: Today, we met with our O’Reilly editor about the book we’re writing regarding Mozilla. We came up with a final title and tag line (may change slightly). The book will be called “Creating Mozilla Applications” and the tag line will be “Using Javascript, CSS, and XUL.” The tentative ship date is sometime this Fall, but because the Mozilla 1.0 release date slips so often, our book schedule has been on a kind of sliding schedule. Now all we have to do is finish writing the book!

Ask Tog: Top 10 Reasons the Apple Dock Sucks. Even if Apple does keep the Dock in OS X it will only be a short while before some enterprising shareware author writes a replacement for it, much like Hugh Kawahara did when he wrote TaskMenuBar to replace Apple’s floating/detachable application window.

This Evaluation of New York City Web Guides is simply amazing.

Lonely Planet Guide: New York City

O’Reilly: Charting the Linux Anatomy. Awesome! I’ll have to try and get some of these posters. Sweet! There’s a PDF you can download and print out!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 1, 2001 08:42 PM

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