To Vignette or Not …

Vignette or Not to Vignette

Either this is one incredibly lame recruiter or someone is messing
around with some strange kind of new spam. Read the recruiter
I received and then read the requirements for this
. Bizarre…

I find it disgusting that the
majority of The Blank Stare’s cabinet
are millionaires
. It’s not going to stop me from taking advantage of
the new tax laws, though. I just find it disturbing that the rich have
such influence over the make-up of this country’s government.

Links to Info About Bush

The New York Times on Donald
A. Norman

Apple Internet Developer: Changing
Styles On-The-Fly
. Note that
uses some of this functionality for its individual story pages. I’m a huge
advocate of user-controllable UI design, but am not a fan of doing it
using client-side technologies (javascript, CSS, etc.). I would much
rather use server-side scripting to re-render the page once a user
performs the action to modify a change in the UI or page layout.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 23, 2001 10:32 PM

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