I knew this was …

knew this was coming
. A little birdie whispered it in my ear back in

O’Reilly launched their new P2P site: openp2p.com

Taylor on Flash
vs. CSS

Joel on Software: Big
Macs vs. The Naked Chef
. Joel warns us that any kind of
methodology is a bad thing. I disagree slightly, since I believe that some
kind of methodology or development process during software
engineeering (web-based or otherwise) needs to be followed or your end
product will end up being a giant mess due to a lack of formalization. A
better idea is to have a chief software architect create an abstract or
outline for the developers to follow, which will prevent them from
straying too far from the intended end result, while still allowing for
the freedom and innovation that software engineers have when not following
a strict methodology.

Crossgain fires 25% of its staff because of a Microsoft non-compete
clause. Smells fishy. Read the FoRK thread on

Slashdot: Help
Develop an Open Projects Community Site

This is too funny:

“Due to a small but significant clause in the U.S. Constitution, I will be
out of the office from January 21, 2001 until January 20, 2005” — Al
Gore’s White House voicemail.

The other night I was talking with some old friends about the state
of things in this country. A friend who will remain unnamed mentioned
that a psyhic friend of hers (who has been eerily correct in the past) has
predicted that Vice President Dick Cheney will die of a heart attack this
April and that George W. Bush will be assassinated sometime in the year
2002. Now, I don’t normally pay attention to psychic predictions, but like
most, this one seems to have a kernel of truth to it. We’ll see…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 22, 2001 09:00 PM