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I can hear the sound of many readers bookmarking links today. Enjoy.

Tweney: The Misery of Web Applications

Navigation in Web Applications

Building Large-Scale Dynamic Web Applications

Cameron Laird’s personal notes on scripting for Web

The Center for Open Source Collaboration Technologies: Specification Writing for Web-based Project Planning Software

Xen is a Zope-based task tracking and project management system.

Government Technology: The Ascendancy of the Project Manager

The WISE (Web Integrated Software Environment) Project Management System

Architectural Record: Web-Based Project Management Software

Infoworld Comparison: Web-Based Project Management

Unix Web Application Architectures

ERP News: Bridging Business Apps with the Web

White Paper on Web Testing: Meeting the Unique Challenges of Testing Web Applications

Testing Web Applications, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A bit dated, but still good/relevant info: Web Interface Design: Learning from our Past

A Formal Model of Competence Knowledge for User Interface Design

UIUC: User Interface Design

ZDNet: A Good User Interface is Hard to Find

Comparing PHP with Perl for Dynamic Web Pages

Please no. Please, please, please, no. Please God, no… [via SVN]

Pathetic: “Rainbow stickers placed on police cars and other city vehicles earlier this month are being removed because of hundreds of complaints from citizens who fear the emblem promotes homosexuality.” I am not surprised one bit. This is the same close-minded town I lived in some years back when I was fired from my job.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 3, 2001 07:37 PM

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