Upside: The Year For …

Upside: The Year For Open Source

NSA: Security-Enhanced Linux

I disagree with so many things this guy is saying, I don’t know where to start. Content Management

Who Wants to Marry a SysAdmin? Eek! Bachelor No. 8 was our old sysadmin in San Francisco…

ModLayout: The Apache Layout system

NouveauGeek: The Return of Content

OK, every once in a while, I share with my readers the mailing lists that I subscribe to. I do this as a knowledge-sharing initiative, not to boost the membership counts of such lists. If you do subscribe to any of these, based on my recommendation, please follow standard list etiquette and behave:

  • WebDesign-L. Easily the best mailing list around about web design. Ferociously moderated by list-mom Steven Champeon
  • Usage-Centered Design. Managed by my coworker Jason Robbins
  • RebecaList. Run by my old friend and industry pundit Rebecca Eisenberg
  • Geeks. High-volume geek news
  • FoRK. Acronym for Friends of Rohit Kare, but has expanded to be a high-volume and sometimes high-noise list
  • SIGIA-L. Good list about Information Architecture
  • CHI-WEB. Computer-Human Interaction for the Web. Excellent low-noise list with all the industry leaders present
  • CMS-List. Discussion about Content Management Systems. Managed by yours truly with co-moderation by Phil Suh of Organic

Please note that there are a couple of private lists I am a member of as well. These lists are invitation-only due to the self-destructive nature of some high-volume industry-centric lists. To become member of such lists, keep your eyes and ears open and perhaps you will be invited eventually. Typically, only people with a proven background in the list’s topic will get invited by the list owner and be asked to participate.

Jon Katz: Rethinking Virtual Communities, Part Three

CHI-WEB: Flash Usability Tips and Testing — Summary

UT-Austin: Role of librarians in information architecture

Why Flash is stupid (so are all animations)

13 rules for Accessible Web Pages

Brief interview with my old pal Jason Fried of 37Signals. If I weren’t working for CollabNet, I’d probably be working for these guys. Smart.

What the hell is this: (a typo of

European reader Colin O’Brien writes:

You were wondering what is. Well, based on what I can see, it’s probably some French guy who registered that domain through a redirection service (a whois leads to namezero who’s banner you see at the bottom of the screen), and redirected to Microsoft’s pages about Bill Gates (probably until he can do something with the domain). I deduced this from the following facts; gogole or gogol are slang terms used in French for Mongol. That term is often used to talk about stupid people, idiots, etc, not mongols in the medical or geographical senses of the term. Also, if you look at the page title, it’s “Bilou” which is a nickname given to Bill Gates by French-speaking people, it’s not always derogatory but usually is.

Of course, I may be completely wrong.

Characterizing People as Non-Linear, First-Order Components in Software Development

The Mozilla Project has released a new roadmap. Excellent.

The New York Mozilla Developer Meeting is being held January 29th, the day before LinuxWorld Expo.

So, Linkshare just sent me this piece of spam recommending that I don’t use Netscape 6 to access my Linkshare account. What disturbs me most about this ridiculous email is that they outright recommend that their users not use Netscape 6 because it doesn’t meet their standards. Um, Linkshare, get a clue. Your technology has always sucked (I had to use/implement it when I worked at, and just because your lame engineers can’t get it to work with a standards-compliant browser doesn’t mean that you can dictate what web browser people should or shouldn’t use. The point I’m making is that something in Linkshare’s engineering obviously sucks pretty hard if it doesn’t work in Netscape 6, especially given the fact that Netscape 6 is based on publicly-available industry standards. It’s not Netscape 6 that needs to change, it’s Linkshare.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 2, 2001 03:17 PM

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