I just killed a …

I just killed a day playing the demo of Oni. I also played a couple hours of Rune. Gaming has come a long way since I last played regularly.

Some obvious predictions for 2001 (off the top of my head):

  • The Pentium 4 chip will be a dud
  • Mozilla will finally release a 1.0 version
  • Linux will become more mainstream
  • Apple’s stock will rebound, as will other tech stocks that make up the heart of NASDAQ
  • The dot-com market will continue to shake out
  • The BigWebShops (iXL, Sapient, etc.) will continue to bleed money, but more importantly, lose their good employees to smaller companies that are better managed
  • USInteractive will go out of business
  • We will see more focus on content management in the web industry, and less focus on the flashy, interactive crap that passes for web sites today

Ryan’s British TV Show Reviews.

If you’re looking for information about British TV shows, you’ll likely find it here. Wow. Loads of links.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 31, 2000 02:15 PM

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