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I am way behind in answering email. Like six weeks behind. If you have contacted me and it requires a response, please email me again.

In the three and a half years I’ve been doing CamWorld, I realize that there are days when I post many excellent links and commentary, and that there are also days when I’m off and don’t post much at all. As a year-end celebration, I’d love to get some feedback from my readers about what days were especially good. If enough people send in suggestions about which days were good, I’ll compile a list for everyone to see. This will also help my new readers catch up on some of the links and commentary that they might have missed but are buried in the archives.

If the existing security issues in Microsoft Windows are a potential national security risk, then I can only imagine the problems Microsoft will face with .NET, which is a true distributed application framework — that is, an application platform that takes advantage of the network abilities found in today’s modern software. Whether or not this direction in software development is a good thing is hotly arguable. I’ll say what I always say: the market will ultimately decide. No product or service, no matter how well it’s advertised, will succeed if the consumers don’t want it or perceive it to be unsafe.

This paper about Conceptual User Interface design ranks right up there with the Rational Unified Process (read this) in the list of bad ideas in web technologies and software development. [Link via SVN]

Yay! Megnut went minimal! People with slow modems and old computers, seeking information (not graphics) love you!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 30, 2000 11:43 PM

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