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Updates to CamWorld will be sporadic over the next few days as Damien and I are traveling back to the land of 10-foot snowbanks (Michigan) to be with our family for the Christmas holiday. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet for New Years, but will be back in New York. If you want to to invite me to some cool New Years parties, feel free to send me an invitation.

Egghead.com cracked by credit-card thieves. I’m not really surprised to learn they’re using IIS as their server, even though I recognize that Unix-based servers have as many security holes.

The creator of “Schoolhouse Rock” has died. His genius will be missed.

Advogato: If you combine cron and procmail, what might you end up with?

Advogato: The Demon of Portability. Excellent look at the problem the Linux market faces with competing GUI standards.

Ken Coar: Ken’s Musings

Curious George W. was a happy little monkey…” Oh my, I am laughing my ass off. This is freaking hilarious!

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs: Visitor Tips For Shopping at NYC Electronics Stores

Wow. I just found the most amazing site called SalesCircular.com. It takes all the weekly sales specials from the various large chains and groups them together, so that you can quickly compare sales prices for DVD players, HDTVs, Apple computers, and more. [Links are for NY State]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 22, 2000 05:53 PM

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