We had our New …

We had our New York Christmas party on Friday. While it wasn’t as cool as the San Francisco party, it turned out OK. Towards the end of the party, we all went one floor down and crashed the Giorgio Armani party (in the same building). The SF party also had a short write-up that got picked up by the Associated Press. Cool!

I have a really hard time picking Christmas gifts for my family. Every year I always have to call my mom and sisters and ask what everyone wants. If I didn’t do this I’d probably end up getting everyone the same thing: like cell phones or something. The problem here is that they all live in rural Michigan where cell phone service is spotty at best — and what would my 9-year old nephew and 12-year old niece do with cell phones? See the problem?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 17, 2000 07:16 PM