I think this is …

I think this is a joke. Is it?

Another reason to like Cisco. They were the only company to actually read the RFC prior to endorsement, and then “only on April 1.”

Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character

Jeffrey Zeldman on site maintenance.

LinuxNews.com: Darwin Continues Open Source Evolution

Ha ha! Vignette to Replace Presidential Front-Runners with Story Server

I learned an important lesson about online communities a few years back that has served me well. When someone criticizes you in public, whether it’s online or not, it’s often best to remain silent and ignore that person. The kinds of people who take pleasure in saying bad things about you and your character are often only seeking to provoke you, and want you to respond, therefore stroking their ego and making themselves feel more self-important. I’ve encountered a number of these people online and have argued with them on mailing lists, in public discussion forums and in conference hallways — and almost every time I’ve come away asking myself why I even bother. These are people who like to stir up trouble, heckle speakers at conferences, interrupt presentations with poorly thought-out opinions, attack entire online communities that have intentionally left them out, post private email exchanges to their public web sites, break NDAs, invite themselves to your parties, and generally make asses of themselves without realizing it due to an over-inflated ego or misguided sense of self-importance. You know who these people are, and I know who these people are. The best tactic is simply to ignore them, and maybe they’ll go away.

The latest TIME Magazine cover.

Damn it people. I don’t want to have to report your somewhat legitimate emails as spam, but you’re giving me no choice. I don’t care for your offers to trade links, share traffic, or boost clickthroughs. I don’t care that you think you’re being nice by actually sending me a piece of unsolicited email that isn’t quite spam, but is some kind of offer for products, services, or link sharing. If you got my email address from some directory somewhere instead of directly from me, there’s a good chance that I don’t want you to email me — and your email will be reported as unsolicited email and your account may be terminated by your ISP.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 15, 2000 12:52 PM

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