Alan Cooper’s keynote yesterday …

Alan Cooper’s keynote yesterday
was phenomenal. The guy simply can’t say anything wrong when it comes to
explaining interaction design and how it relates to the customer
experience. I am so jealous that my old friend Elan now works there and gets to
work with such an amazing team of people. If you haven’t read Alan’s books
on user interaction design, you’re missing out. I also met Sue Cooper,
Alan’s wife who is the CEO of their company. She is just as amazing as
her husband. I told her about my interactive
business card idea
from a few years back and she asked if they could
borrow it.

Just came back from a session with Mark Hurst from Creative Good.
Excellent speaker. He was wearing a ShirtSignals long-sleeve shirt from
37 Signals. On Wednesday night, I wore my ePIMP shirt from ShirtSignals and had several
people comment on it.

The session right before Mark’s was all about cutting-edge and
experimental graphic design
on the web, as presented by Curt Cloninger, who was also an excellent
speaker. In fact, I spent a few minutes in all three of the other sessions wondering where everyone was,
only to walk into Curt’s session to find it standing-room only. His session was the only one I saw at the
entire conference packed like that. And he was wearing one of the new OBEY “Jakob Neilsen” shirts (I ordered mine last Monday).

The Christmas-light-in-a-box logo is back for the second year in a row. Last year I had several readers
write in telling me that it looked too much like a dog getting aroused. Heh.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 9, 2000 01:16 PM