While checking into the …

While checking into the Hilton in New Orleans, I turned around only to discover Jeffrey Zeldman in line behind me. He’s sounding horribly sick, so I hope he doesn’t miss too much of the conference.

From the scarcity of people walking around the hotel this evening, I can tell that attendance is way down. I’m guessing that is a direct effect of so many dot-coms cutting back and going out of business recently.

HarvardNET just got out of the DSL business and cut 58% of their workforce. That’s OK, because their service sucked anyway.

My old college buddy Aaron Draplin has finally embraced the web with a lot of me pushing him into it and doing the HTML for his site. You can read his musings about graphic design and music at Draplindustries.

I want to make it clear that I’m not involved in this little
on the rss-dev list, though I am staying at the Hilton in New Orleans. With a little bit of guesswork, I’m
pretty sure I know who this childish poster is. I’ve spent most of the day trying not to run into him in the halls at
this conference.

Had a great lunch today with Jeffrey Zeldman, Dori Smith and Glenn Davis.

DSL in Distress.

Christopher Marsh has written an excellent
for evaluating content management systems.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 7, 2000 04:02 PM