This just in: HP …

This just in: HP has hired Bruce Perens. Whoah, interesting.

OK, I’m getting sick and tired of web sites that hijack your browser. The latest to do so is the official X-Files web site which uses the incredibly trite “browser earthquake” javascript to move the browser window around your monitor. Of course, all possible user interaction with the browser is disabled until the javascript is actually finished. You can’t click stop. You can’t click back. You can’t even close the browser window or use the keyboard shortcuts. You are effectively locked into a disabled browser incident that breaks every browser usability rule and expectation known to man. My god, it’s almost as bad as Flash. I went to this site to get the name of the actor who plays Agent Doggett, only to exit out as fast as possible — heading straight over to IMDb. I just want information, folks. Is that too much to ask?

Related to the above rant is an article called Flash is Pretty Bad, which outlines some rules starry-eyed Flash-loving designers can follow to use Flash appropriately in their sites.

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