Crap, it’s December already. …

Crap, it’s December already.

The DSL provider market is falling apart. Fingers of blame point all the way back to the monopolies the large phone companies have. I ordered my DSL in April. It’s now December. I now doubt I will ever get the DSL I ordered. And until I do, I refuse to pay for the pathetic max 16k/sec iDSL I have now (which is down 40-50% of the time anyway) that was installed by mistake because of a screwed up installation and ordering process. And people wonder why the market is falling apart. Customers aren’t going to pay their bills if they’re not getting good service. This travels all the way back up the chain, too. Unfortunately, it probably won’t affect the phone monopolies because it’s not them who are getting hurt, it’s the DSL providers and middlemen who are being forced to lease the lines from the behemoth phone companies who are getting screwed. The cynic in me says that this is exactly what Bell Atlantic (ahem, Verizon) and other monopolies have had in mind since the start of the DSL market growth.

Please stop submitting the McDonald’s chicken-fried head story. Any story this big will have already been covered by most other weblogs and news outlets.

The Revenge of the Library Scientist

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 1, 2000 11:21 PM

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