Interwoven open sources TclPro. …

Interwoven open sources TclPro.

ZDNet: Riding on the Open Source Wagon. It’s getting crowded…

Upside: Those nagging open source details

Forbes: Battle Over the Look and Feel of Linux

Unix still the right choice for enterprise web applications.

Damien Cave over at Salon writes about how chain stores like Old Navy and IKEA are seducing the American buying public into being “identical zombies”. This isn’t really a new trend. For decades, it’s been a very American thing for teenagers to conform to society and wear the “right” clothes, the right brand of shoes, and copy the fashion trends that made them “cool”. What chains like Old Navy, IKEA, and the Gap have done is recognized that these patterns exist in American consumerism and have capitalized on them.

leJOS: Java based OS for Lego RCX

George W. Bush or Chimpanzee?

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