Derek Sisson asks: …

Derek Sisson asks:

I’m trying to research how music clips are made; that is, when you hear a
snippet of a song, how do the powers that be decide what part of the song
to excerpt, and how long to make that excerpt. You go to Borders or Amazon,
and you can hear parts of tracks — why those few seconds of that song and
not some other segment? I figure that this must have been mastered during
the radio days, but now the Web proliferates with sites bearing such clips.
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MSN gets blacklisted due to spammers abusing their insecure mail servers. Ha. About 50% of the spam I’ve been receiving lately has been coming through servers.

Microsoft gets into the collaborative workspace market with a technology called Microsoft SharePoint. If it’s like every other piece of Microsoft monkey-see-monkey-copy software, it will likely incorporate all the things that make the competition so innovative but will use a proprietary framework, effectively locking their customers into yet another Microsoft hegemony.

They’ve got a long way to go yet, but Opera for the Mac has gone alpha. Whoo!

So, there’s this domain that I want to register that expired a few days ago, yet the registrar’s records show it to still be registered to the registrant, which prevents me from processing my own registration for the domain. I’m told that perhaps there is a grace period that the registrar has in place that allows the current domain owner to renew, despite the expiration date having already been passed. If this is so, how long is this grace period, and when can I expect the registrar to release the domain back into the public domain so that I can register it myself?

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