Japanese NTT DoCoMo is …

Japanese NTT DoCoMo is buying up huge chunks of AT&T. Interesting.

IBM open sources AFS, an enterprise file system.

elearningpost: Deconstructing Groove

I’ll ask it again: Do we really want this ignorant moron as our President for the next four years? Amazing. Please understand that my use of the words “ignorant moron” is in a very literal way. Go ahead, look them up in the dictionary.

LinuxProgramming: Managing Projects the Open Source Way

An Introduction To Open Source Software Development

Excellent Jon Udell article about Groove.

Technology Source: Globalizing the Knowledge Economy

ZDNet’s eWeek compares four different scripting languages by building an identical ecommerce site using each one. Compared are Cold Fusion, ASP, Apache’s Tomcat (JSP), and PHP.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 1, 2000 04:25 PM

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