This afternoon, my office …

This afternoon, my office building burnt down. No, not really, but it could have! Sometime around 4:00 PM, we heard lots of sirens outside, but this being New York City, we ignored them and continued to work. Ten minutes later, a coworker coming back from a late lunch called upstairs on her cell phone reporting that there was a fire on the 6th floor (we’re on the 10th). We quickly decided to evacuate, despite no one telling us to, only to find about 200+ people on the sidewalk watching the firemen work. I recognized many of the employees from, which is in our building on the 5th and 12th floors. Since the firemen wouldn’t let us back into the building until it was “safe” we killed some time at the Barnes and Noble on the corner, and then relocated the office to a pool hall for a couple hours. The company was even cool enough to pick up the tab! How’s that for a hip employer? Anyway, it was an interesting afternoon, to say the least.

Interesting People: Esther Dyson wonders about Interactive Coffee Cups

The Nareau Project is now being hosted at, a web site that hosts Mozilla developer communities and projects.

Sweet! Ohio State University has an Open Source Club. How cool is that?

Sun is moving towards open sourcing Java. Hasn’t this been common knowledge for some time? Sure, it’s not official, but given Sun’s move to open source Star Office, wouldn’t Java be their next step?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 25, 2000 04:43 PM

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