Ajuba Solutions acquired by …

Ajuba Solutions acquired by Interwoven

For the first time, Microsoft has directly targeted Linux in their print advertising. [See it here.]

Eric S. Raymond’s Open Letter to Hewlett-Packard.

Die, spammers, die!

Requirements Elicitation in Open-Source Programs

Are you a dot-com lay-off? CollabNet (my employer) is hiring, for both the New York City and San Francisco locations. (The real reason I’m hawking this here is the new referral plan our HR people just put in place.) Feel free to send in your resume. From experience, I can say that CollabNet only hires very smart and accomplished people. The working conditions are excellent. Both offices are slated to move into new space(s) within weeks. For more about CollabNet’s culture, read this Salon article. And you get to work with some really cool people.

World Championship Punkin Chunkin (pumpkin tossing)

FoRK: A huge list of articles and resources about Open Source.

Hi, my name is Cam.” Hee-hee!

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