Here is an interesting …

Here is an interesting compilation of links and opinion about the “character assassination” of Al Gore by the Republican National Committee and the mainstream press.

Maybe it’s me, but this article about the web and Canada(?) by Joe Clark just doesn’t make any sense. A few paragraphs into it and my mind was going “blah blah blah…” instead of trying to understand what the heck he is talking about. Hmmm…

I’m not surprised by this story about Bell Atlantic, ahem Verizon, playing unfairly. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with, not only for a POTS line but for DSL as well. Regular readers are aware of my contempt for Verizon and the hell they’ve put Damien and I through in getting the DSL line we ordered in April. It’s already the middle of October and we still don’t have the DSL we ordered. A close analysis of the situation points the blame to Verizon every single time.

jCVS is a CVS client package written entirely in Java.

Should New York City’s Metrocard system be open sourced? Interesting!

Wow, this guy simply doesn’t understand open source software. Clueless.

The Anatomy of File Download Spyware

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 16, 2000 11:33 PM

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