Whoo! Friday the 13th, …

Whoo! Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days of the year since I was born on a Friday the 13th (April).

Linux.com: Okay, I admit it: I invented Open Source

Roger Ebert on The Exorcist.

“With open source, you start to lose that control and won’t make leaps with the technology,” said Tom Sauer, manager of broadband systems, professional services at RealNetworks. Hmm, this from the company that makes one of the worst pieces of software ever created. Is RealNetworks worried about an Open Source competitor in the streaming media marketplace?

I’ve been terribly sick since last weekend. This week consisted of four days of gut-bending pain that moved from my stomach to my back. Initially, I thought it was the stomach flu, but when my fever broke on Sunday and the pain persisted I realized it was something else. Yesterday, I went to the doctor where they put me through many, many tests that I don’t care to describe. My doctor’s first guess was that I was passing a kidney stone, but x-rays disproved that. A second physical exam turned up nothing, as well. After much head-scratching, they gave me a diagnosis of “possible Pancreatitis.” My doctor prescribed some wonderful painkillers, and all seems to be well. At least I can’t feel anything. Next week, I’m having a sonogram done so that they can make sure it’s not something like an ulcer or something that can’t be detected with an x-ray.

Genehack (October 11) has an excellent rant/story about Powerpoint and using it teaching situations.

George W. Bush warned us about this new threat in the presidential debate on Wednesday. Silly. This man wants to be president? More from Jon Katz.

Holy crap! Kid A from RadioHead kicks ass.

Note: Today is the last day you can register to vote (at least in New York) for the [U.S.] elections next month.

According to Corel’s Oct. 2 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has the rights to port Microsoft’s new .NET Internet software architecture to the Linux operating system.

I recently opened an E*Trade account so that I can manage and invest my money better. It beats keeping it in some checking or savings account. There are also a few undervalued companies who I desperately want to invest in. Long term, folks, long term.

LinuxNews.com: Interview with Mozilla.org’s Mitchell Baker.

Sun released the source code for Star Office today. You can download it from openoffice.org (the site was slashdotted and is experiencing some extremely heavy traffic). The full openoffice.org site should be back up and running soon.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 13, 2000 08:51 PM