On the flight from …

On the flight from LGA to DTW to LAX, I sat two rows back from a very obnoxious Elizabeth Berkley. You know, the washed up actress who spent far too many years doing that pitiful show Saved By The Bell, and then bared all in that bad stripper movie. I wasn’t really surprised to see her, but I keep wondering why she was flying cattle class on a low-rent airline.

Vacation is good. I’m starting to get some writing done for my assigned chapters of the O’Reilly Mozilla book that I’m co-authoring. Getting away from the daily grind and into a new location seems to help. The bad thing is that my buddy’s office where I’m hanging out has a crappy Novell/Groupwise network, so I’m unable to get my Powerbook onto the network without a whole lot of hassle. I can’t even dial out becase their phone system isn’t comaptible with either of my Global Village PC Card modems. On second thought, maybe not having an easy connection to the Internet is a good thing.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 20, 2000 03:42 PM

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