On Comedy Central last …

On Comedy Central last night I saw the most amazing show. I’d heard about Battlebots, and knew that for years robot geeks have been building robots for the sole purpose of making them fight each other, but only now am I realizing just how freaking cool it is. I can’t wait to learn where the next Battlebots show is being taped so I can try to get tickets.

TVMinder: Why TiVo doesn’t have a network jack

Linux.com: Is the OSS Model Failing? As this article describes it, yes. What the author doesn’t touch on is the important aspect of having a strong developer community around each project. Without a robust and functional developer community, your project may as well be toast.

The President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee has released their final report containing recommendations of the Panel on Open Source Software for High End Computing (PDF).

Comfortable Bath Tub for rent, $1000/month. [Hee-hee]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 14, 2000 02:48 PM

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