According to Tim O’Reilly, …

According to Tim O’Reilly, based on book sales data, Java and Javascript are quickly becoming quite popular. shows that there are over 16,000 domains registered with the word “linux” somewhere in the domain. Wow.

Rasterweb’s Road to Linux page is an excellent diary of a Mac user learning the transition to Linux (something I’m going through myself).

Sunworld: Streamlining Content Management

Wow, what an incredible idea. [via] It ranks up there with my idea of charging a penny deposit per cigarette that can be reimbursed by turning in your used butts so that people stop flicking them on the ground. It works pretty well for pop cans.

Excellent story about the evils of U-Haul and Richard Stallman.

Geek action figures. [Cool!]

Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 31, 2000 05:24 PM

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